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畉ぃΘ癸 - 览克㎝计

璝克㎝计 (Amicable Pair) Θ蛮Θ癸杠Τ计籔计丁闽玒ゼ荷Ч獽Θ癸览克㎝计 (Quasi-amicable Pair)狦癸计 (m,n) ㄏ s(m) = s(n) = m + n + 1 杠и獽嘿硂癸计癸览克㎝计 (48,75) (140,195) (1575,1648) (1050,1925) ㎝ (2024,2295) А琌硂计Αい1ぃ荷Ч璝ир m ┪ n いヴ计埃 1 ㎝ō┮Τ癬ㄓタタ琌计硂ぃ琌贺盾┮览克㎝计嘿で皌计 (Betrothed Number)

иぃ螟祇瞷览克㎝计㎝克㎝计ぃウㄢ计案┦ (Parity) 琌は硂琌ォ临琌ゲ礛 10000000 ず 46 癸览克㎝计いゼǎ案┦ㄒ


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